Originally designed with the maritime industry in mind, the low profile cable ties and flexroute cable guides offers the ultimate boat rigging solution. Marine installers often get their hands cut from the sharp edges of traditional cable ties while they perform repairs and maintenance work on boats and yacht. The low profile cable ties are uniquely designed to address this particular concern of marine installers.
There are miles of cables from one end to the other of any ship. It is imperative that the staff on the ship can keep the cables from shifting and becoming damaged due to high friction, whether they’re for electricity, communication or navigation. The flexroute cable guides offer the required security and protects both the cable and the tube. Providing uniform traction as it flexes around a tube, the flexroute is ideal on speedometer cables, transducer cables and lighting systems.

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Keep the cables on your aircrafts neat, tidy and securely fastened with our low profile cable ties.


Our low profile cable tie features a flexible smooth head design that provides supreme security, keeping the mechanics, the engineers and the end-users of a car safe.