Every component on an aircraft needs to be of the highest standard, including the cable fastening solutions. Secure cable management is imperative on aircrafts, as the many wires and electrical wiring systems on-board needs to be kept in neat and tidy order.
Uniquely designed to address the safety of the user and the endurance of the products, the safest solution for cable fastening and maintenance in any aircraft is undeniably the low profile cable tie and the impact resistant flexroute cable guide. While the flexroute holds your cable tightly and keeps it safely in place, the flat head of the low profile cable tie takes up about a third of the head of a traditional cable tie, making the low profile cable tie especially useful in limited spaces. Due to the impact resistant flexroute you are guaranteed maximum safety and minimal setting adjustments.

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Our low profile cable tie features a flexible smooth head design that provides supreme security, keeping the mechanics, the engineers and the end-users of a car safe.


Our durable products meet military requirements, and perform in extreme environments with varying temperatures, intense vibration and high acceleration.